Staying Fed

The Land Rover rests in my driveway awaiting multiple repairs and I’ve been slowly weaving the tale of its trip home. I wanted to break the long silence for a big thank you to everyone that keeps me from wasting away.

A quick glance at my father’s side of the family and you’ll see where my lanky build comes from. With metabolisms like ours, we can eat nearly anything and still maintain our slim figures.

However, I’ve long had chronic abdominal issues, including recurring peptic ulcers, which frequently places eating anywhere between unappealing and downright impossible. Keeping pain in check requires daily medication, stress relief, exercise, and—most importantly—eating. I’ve been breaking through years of bad habits of succumbing to the pain—not eating; passing out on the couch—and have been keeping myself healthy.

It’s especially difficult as I find myself deeply in debt and on a tight budget. I tend to lean towards skipping meals when I’m out of cash for groceries. Family and friends have been generous in this respect and I want to voice my thanks. While much of it seems insignificant, my daily health is more important to me than I even remember to consider, so I thank you all:

And, last, but certainly most importantly:

Thank you all for keeping me fed. I owe you my life.